Testing of non-WMO research with medicines is designed by the nWMO Workgroup of the DCRF and the independent nWMO Advisory Committees.

nWMO Workgroup

The management of the Standards Framework and procedure for testing the non-WMO drug research initiated or funded by the pharmaceutical industry is delegated to the nWMO Workgroup of the DCRF.

  • E. Rusch (STZ)
  • J. Davids (NVMETC)
  • vacancy (VIG)
  • vacancy (NFU)
  • A. Blokhuis¬†(ACRON)

nWMO Advisory Committees

The nWMO advisory committees listed below assess the applications:


  • nWMO Advisory Committee UMC Groningen
  • nWMO Advisory Committee Martini Hospital Groningen
  • nWMO Advisory Committee Twente